12 Search Engine Optimization
Tips & Strategies To Dominate Google

Make your phone start ringing, and fill your pipeline with leads so you can land more clients.

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The Million Dollar Question: Should You Invest In SEO?

Since you are visiting our website, it’s pretty safe to assume you want to grow your law firm.

But you’re probably wondering how you can possibly compete with your bigger, more established competitors, right?

You know, the lawyers with massive marketing budgets that dominate local media with TV commercials, radio spots, and billboards.

There are two pieces of information that illustrate why SEO presents the best opportunity for you to start generating more phone calls from potential clients who are searching for an attorney.

STATISTIC A: 96% of people searching for legal advice use a search engine.

STATISTIC B: 62% of legal-related searches are non-branded.

A non-branded search means the person isn’t searching for a specific attorney by name.

Instead, people are typing in generic searches like ‘Tampa DUI attorney,’ or ‘Chicago car accident lawyer’ into Google.

What does the combination of those two statistics mean for you?
It means that if you focus your reso