The SEO Professional’s Guide To Content Marketing

Attract More Clients Through SEO With An Awesome Content Strategy

What is content marketing?

First, let’s cover what content marketing isn’t. Content marketing isn’t like traditional marketing, which is commonly referred to as ‘interruption marketing.’

Content marketing is a strategy which allows you to share valuable content, or information that people want, in exchange for their time and attention.

When people give you their time and attention because you are offering them something of value, you now have the perfect opportunity to subtly market your product or service.



illustration depicting the concept of content marketing and the various aspects of it


Advantages of content marketing over traditional advertising

The more free content you give potential clients, the more valuable information you freely offer them, the more you are building up a special bank account. It’s your reciprocity account.


  • Content marketing creates a reciprocal relationship with your potential clients.
  • Content marketing builds trust between you and potential clients.


At some point, these website visitors will begin to see you as their trusted advisor, and they’ll want to reciprocate for all the help you’ve given them – while asking nothing from them in return.

So when they decide to hire someone, who else are they going to turn to? Your competitors? No way.

They will respond to an email you send them, or contact you directly when they’ve made the decision they need to hire a professional.

In fact most of the phone calls and emails we get from potential clients inquiring about SEO services at Monopolists come from people who have read the content on our blog, or watched several hours of the video content we’ve produced for our website.

They can see that we really ‘know our stuff,’ and they’ve often already decided that we are the SEO company they want to work with.

When you produce high-quality content on your site, content that completely answers all the questions your website visitors have about whatever it is they were searching for… you are gaining the trust of your potential clie