8 Communication Tips To Maximize Your ROI From Attorney Search Engine Optimization

You’ve decided that it’s about time for you to get more involved online and make yourself and your legal practice known to today’s vast internet audience. Where should you begin? Perhaps you’ll start with a few original blog articles or some short video clips on YouTube.

Whether you are creating online content by writing or speaking on video, we’ve found that using these 8 keys will create trust in potential clients that you are the lawyer who understands them and the one they want to represent and go to bat for them in their legal case

TIP #1 – The Golden Ticket To Converting More Leads

Make sure your communication with potential clients is always in alignment with what your THEY care about. Always consider these 4 factors:

  • Who are you speaking to?
  • What’s important to them?
  • What makes them tick?
  • What keeps them up at night?

Focusing on those 4 things will go a long way towards ensuring potential clients have a positive experience when they contact your law firm.

TIP #2 – What Is My Intention and Purpose? 

Decide on one word of intention to keep in mind to bring into everything you do. Your brand has one keyword that you always keep in mind as a clear intention to get your point across to others.

TIP #3 – Energy and Emotion 

How and what you communicate and the level of influence it carries in the world can be maintained through a particular level of energy and emotion. People can even feel this vibration through social media. So in this information age we’re now in, you want to share from a place of wanting to give and being of value to someone, versus just wanting to get praise or likes from people.


TIP #4 – Ask Good Questions To Find Out What A Client Is Most Worried About

Being a good conversationalist means that you listen to people and ask good questions. In your profession, you’ve asked your clients a lot of questions and listened to their answers.

When Photo of a lawyer and couple holding a folder sitting and talking together, obviously connecting and happy.communicating online, you can pose the questions that address your readers and listeners’ greatest concerns, and when you offer your answers, the answers should resonate with these potential clients so they feel that you hear and understand what they are going through.


TIP #5 – Trust Your Intuition

The “inner knowing” of your being lets you know what to do or say in any given situation, which can be the difference between winning over a potential client or having a lukewarm response. Many legal professionals have their processes scripted or are very familiar with their responses so they don’t go into any situation not knowing how to address it. Personally, I’ve learned to also pay attention to how my intuition speaks to me and go with those nudges that can make all the difference in being effective in specific situations.


TIP #6 – Be Authentic

Always ask yourself – “Who am I?” and “Who am I not?” This brings clarity and you uncover your values and beliefs. You will automatically be able to communicate clearly when you keep asking yourself these questions.


TIP #7 – Genuine Interest

It’s far better to be “interested” rather than “interesting,” since you are focusing on the other person and not yourself. This creates a connection when you are sincere and have an honest appreciation for the other person and what is important to them.


TIP #8 – Choosing Words for Clarity and Influence

To be able to name something and have an understanding of it is true mastery that gives clarity to your speech and writing online. You can be hugely influential when you use your clients’ typical words, phrases or patterns in your online communications so that they feel heard. You can also use various language patterns or phrases that speak to them personally, whether they are visual, auditory, kinesthetic or other relatable communication patterns.


Open the Door to Online Communication 

Many of the communication skills that are taught in the law school classroom relate to courtroom manner. Learning to communicate and connect with an online audience is different in many ways, but is  Photo of an old-style brass key in a keyhole, with rays of light shining out.also a vital part of growing your practice and serving your clients. You will have a winning mix if you can combine the 8 Tips above with the basic principles of good writing and communication. Be sure that you are clear about the main topic and purpose of any written or video content, and express it simply and directly. As you present your insights in an authentic, transparent manner, you may discover that you are engaging many new followers and clients online while spreading your brand far and wide.


Find an SEO Agency to Help With Your Content Creation        

What if you just don’t like writing? Or you’re an expert at writing up court documents and declarations, but creating material for blogs and social media is not really your cup of tea. Or you frankly just don’t have the time to do it. By all means, stick to what you are good at.

Our team of law firm SEO marketing experts can take care of the content creation and web optimization process for you. We’ll even do the planning and set up for video material, and take care of the posting of the finished product. All you’ll have to do is speak to the camera for a few minutes. With our specialized focus on SEO for law firms and knowledge of the most up-to-date SEO strategies, we’ll put those 8 Keys into action for you. Get in touch with us online or call us at 720-656-5000 to schedule a time to discuss your questions.

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