Expert Local SEO For Law Firms Delivers The Most Online Leads And The Best ROI

What does the average person do when they need to find an attorney? Nearly 70% of the time, people looking for an attorney begin with a Google search.
Have you noticed that when you search online for a an attorney, Google pops out the listings of three firms on a map showing their locations and contact info right at the top of the page? Have you wondered what outstanding attributes qualify these particular top three firms? According to, it’s not due to their legal expertise, but rather simple local SEO factors like Google My Business, citations on other business and law directories, client reviews, and geo-specific relevance. We released a comprehensive report detailing why generating phone calls from local search results for lawyers was the SEO investment that delivers the highest return-on-investment for any law firm. (scroll to the bottom of our home page to get the free report)

Is Your Law Practice Mobile Friendly?

Look at your website on your smartphone. Can you read the print? Is everything stacking correctly for a good user experience?
Mobile optimization is the first and most important thing your SEO consultant can do for you. Your web pages need to look great on a mobile device and be easy to navigate. If not, ask for it to be fixed right away. A competent SEO expert will also make sure that your site is optimized for voice search, the preferred method for smartphone online inquiries.

According to Google, 97% of consumers go online to search for services such as legal counsel, and 60% or more of those searches are made on mobile devices. Around 50% of local mobile inquiries are followed by a visit, phone call, or email, and these figures are increasing every year.

Set Up and Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Google My business GMB logo on mobile device According to research, a full 25% of local web traffic comes through Google My Business. This free tool allows you to manage how your business is seen by the search engine and Google maps. Your Google My Business listing should be optimized so that your profile can look similar to the one here, with a five-star rating, powerful review snippets, photos and your name on the map!

Here are a few details to check on with your SEO professional.

Does your profile display your specific practice area? And was your practice area and location included in the Business Name line, which makes it easier for Google to identify you for your ideal clients?

Does Google display your office hours, opening year, website URL, and is there good content in the Questions and Answers section?

Is there a short description of your practice, with links to your web pages that cover each of the services you offer?

Are there images displayed? Google finds that businesses posting photos get 35% more clicks and 42% more driving direction inquiries. Short videos can be posted too if you like.


Online Reviews and Lawyer Ratings Are SEO Ranking Factors

Authentic positive reviews that are recent and received on a regular basis can greatly improve your local search ranking (and encourage new clients), and responding online to these will encourage more good ones. Including your target keywords and location in your response, or receiving them in the reviews themselves can also raise your ranking power. An SEO expert can make sure your staff knows exactly how to keep on top of these tasks. For more about generating five-star client reviews, click here.

Screenshot shows an example of a Google Maps profile for a lawyer, with a five-star rating, photos, review snippets and location on the map.
Enroll in Online Legal Directories

There are many online legal directories for people looking for an attorney. These sites not only provide new avenues for potential clients to find you but also establish valuable incoming links to your website that boost your firm’s visibility. According to Forbes Magazine, the more high-quality links that are directed to your website, the greater the probability that it will show up well in Google search results. This can be time-consuming and is something an SEO expert can take care of for you.

A few of the top legal directories:


Local SEO Guide Including The Top Ranking Factors For Lawyers

We have a Local SEO Guide For Law Firms to help you learn more about local search optimization for attorneys

Also, not long ago Moz produced a very detailed report on local search ranking factors, and the information is still accurate and up-to-date.

Use Schema Markup

“Schema what?” I hear you say. This is something you can ask your SEO specialist to check since it involves technical knowledge. However, knowing a little about what this tool does will help you to assess if it is being used effectively for your firm’s online listing.

Schema markup can show Google the specific meaning of your content, and affect how it is displayed in the search results. For example, Schema can signal Google to show a short bullet list of your services or the specialized credentials you may possess right there in your search results listing.

Make Sure Your Contact Management System Really Works
This is the absolutely essential follow-up with the online leads that come in from your local search optimization campaign. It’s the step where you reap the rewards of your SEO investment. An experienced SEO professional will make sure that multiple contact options are clearly visible on every page of your website, including phone, email, and online chat. There should be an efficient system in place that enables potential clients to connect with your firm on the very first call or chat and elicit a rapid response to email or contact forms. Your SEO expert can train a staff member to handle these incoming communications and to convert inquiries into clients.


Interested In How A Local SEO Expert Can Help You Bring In More Leads From Online Searches?

Our mission at Monopolists is to provide premier SEO services for attorneys. The growing tide of free online search traffic makes local search optimization a valuable investment for your practice, offering long-term ROI. Get ahead of the competition starting today. Give us a call at 720-656-5000, or connect online, and schedule a free question-and-answer call or chat. We do the hard work and research necessary for the right SEO roadmap to help you reach your goals.

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