What Is Law Firm SEO

What Is Search Engine Optimization For Law Firms

S.E.O. is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization

Now you know that SEO means search engine optimization, but you’re probably still wondering just what it is that needs to be optimized on your firm’s website, and how the process works to do optimize those elements.

Let’s start with what the elements are that need to be optimized if you want your firm’s site to rank in the top spots of the SERP’s (search engine results pages) so you can start capturing more leads from local search?

You know, the online leads that your competitors are brining in every day.


Is it the content? Is it the way your website is designed? Or could it be the backlinks pointing to your law firm’s site?

Yep, you betcha, and yes ma’am (or yes sir) – SEO for law firms is every one of those things, and a whole lot more.


Search engine optimization for a law firm website is definitely a process. Yet, interpreting the SEO landscape can also be considered art, and the strategies and tactics involved are indeed a science.


What is the goal of SEO for law firm websites?

Every attorney needs their website to rank in the top three positions of Google’s Maps 3-Pack, and no worse than the top five positions in the organic listings that appear just below the local search results.

That’s because you law firm won’t have to pay whenever a searcher clicks to visit your website, or touches the click-to-call button to contact your office.

The way I think about SEO – and hopefully this philosophy will enable you see through all the mind-numbing technical aspects of search engine optimization:

… is that SEO is the process of optimizing the various elements of your law firm’s website so that Google LOVES your site, and the search engines WANT to show users your site at the top of search results.


Why would search engines want to show your site in the top positions in the SERP’s?

Because they know YOUR WEBSITE is going to satisfy their users by providing them with precisely the information they are searching for.

Obviously you want to start bringing in a tidal wave of online leads (and phone calls) for your law firm from local searches every month.

So here’s a good way to think about search engine optimization for law firm websites.

Every search someone performs looking for legal services or advice involves three parties:


  • First, there’s you – the attorney
  • Next, there’s the search engine – Google
  • Finally, there’s the person searching online for a local attorney



If you’re a personal injury law firm in L.A., you obviously want the search engines to show you as the top result to anyone who searches for ‘personal injury lawyer los angeles’ (which gets over 2,900 searches per month and has a CPC of $47.06 if you were having to pay for clicks on Adwords)…


Google is still the 800-pound gorilla of online search…

According to the most recent industry data providers, Google still holds nearly 90% of the desktop search market (and even more of the mobile search market).

While Yahoo and Bing (combined) have less than 8% marketshare for desktop searches – so we’ll keep our focus primarily on Google.


screenshot showing Google maintains an 88% share of the desktop search market as of September 2019


Search engine optimization for law firms is the combination of both the art AND the science that needs to be applied to your law firm’s site so that search engines want to show your site in at least the Top 5 organic results when a person performs a search that’s related to the legal specialty.


I know what you’re thinking…

Hold on a second, don’t most law firm SEO companies promise that they’ll help you achieve ‘1st page rankings’ on Google and other search engines?

Isn’t ranking on the 1st page good enough?


Why does your law firm’s site need to be in the Top 5 (organic) search results?

(by the way, if we’re talking about the local Maps 3-Pack, your site needs to rank in the Top 3 positions to generate any leads from local searches)


Find out why merely ranking ‘on the first page’ isn’t nearly good enough to help you generate a meaningful volume of online leads in our post titled: Why Do Law Firms Need SEO?


SPOILER ALERT: You’re going to be surprised at how few clicks the sites that rank in positions 6 through10 get – compared to how many clicks go to the sites in the top five spots.


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